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ClearEstate Planning

iA Private Wealth has partnered with ClearEstate to provide our clients with low cost Estate Planning and Settlement services provided by dedicated professionals at ClearEstate.  


ClearEstate | Online Estate Planning and Settlement Service

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Estate Settlement

For clients looking to settle an estate quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost, we offer 4 plans based on the complexity of the estate, including Estate Representative services. We’re with them from beginning to end: from applying for probate and filing the right paperwork to taking care of taxes and closing the estate.


Estate Planning

ClearEstate offers estate planning packages for both individuals and couples looking to maximize their estate value and ensure an efficient estate settlement in the future. We leverage planning strategies to save on taxes and fees, and we help them make smart decisions regarding executorship, guardianship, distribution, wills, trusts, and more.


Professional Executor

ClearEstate’s fiduciary partner acts as Estate Representative and ClearEstate as agent to professionally manage estate settlement. Our partnership with National Bank Trust allows ClearEstate to offer Professional Executor services at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives, making these services accessible and affordable for all families.

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