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Pre Retired 

The years leading up to a comfortable and dignified retirement can be some of the most anxious and uncertain years of one's life. Transitioning from the often hectic lifestyle that accompanies work and raising a family comes with a myriad of questions: When can we retire? Which retirement plans should we utilize?- RRSP, TFSA etc. Our work with these clients requires a great deal of discussion to understand what their retirement dreams look like as well as develop a plan to accomplish this goal. In addition, we look to significantly decrease their risk profile on their investments to insure that they are not overexposed to unnecessary risk at a point so close to retirement. It is at this time or early into retirement that savings are most vulnerable to extreme market volatility. We also develop personal savings plans for our pre-retired clients and coordinated with their government and company pension to ensure a timely and successful retirement.


We work with many individuals and couples who are both new and well into their retirement. These clients have diligently saved money for many years so that they may replace their income when they've stopped working or raising their families. Their needs change, but for most, the need to deliver satisfactory monthly tax effective cash flow while preserving their capital is a common goal to finance their retirement lifestyle. Many will not exhaust their retirement savings and wish to pass along their remaining assets to their family, friends or charitable causes in the most tax effective manner. Our work with retired clients balances their current needs with their estate planning goals by blending our Wealth Management knowledge into a customized and comprehensive retirement plan.

What Does our AdviCe Cost?

 One of the first questions you may have is “what does it cost?”. We believe in a comprehensive disclosure of our client’s fees. It is important in the long-term relationship with our clients that fees that are transparent and understandable and reflect the service and advice we provide.

The costs that our clients incur come as a result of an annual advice and service fee, commissions per transaction or a combination of the two. Our initial consultations are provided at no cost to a prospective client. That service will include the first 4 steps of our Enduring Wealth Process - Team Introduction, Your Goal Definition, Your Information Collection and Your Investment and Retirement Plan Creation. These conversations may include all or some of the following potential topics; your existing investments and their risk, your objectives and growth expectations, joint ownership of investments, taxation and plans for your Estate.Once we have produced and presented our recommendations for your Retirement and Income plan, we will discuss which fee structure best fits your situation and the service model we agree works best for your family and situation. 

What Makes Us Different?

1. Our deep and varied industry experience will benefit and provide a broad and holistic prospective to our advice. As well, we take advantage of our many industry contacts to leverage and to complement our varied perspective.

2. We believe in acting with independence and integrity in all of our dealings always with the goal to improve our client’s results and experiences.

3. We are passionate about our business and our clients and bring enthusiasm, empathy and compassion to our client relationships.

4. We answer our own phones! We listen and take personal responsibility for our clients concerns and pride ourselves on finding solutions in a timely matter.

Our 5 Core Business Beliefs

We Believe:

1. That frequent meetings and client communication improves Investment and Retirement Planning results for clients

2. That communication is a shared responsibility between our team and our clients

3. That an effective Investment and Retirement Plan is dictated by a thorough and comprehensive discovery in the goal setting process

4. That client education results in a better client experience as a result of better decisions

5. That prudent investment advice and wealth solutions tailored to client needs is worth paying for

Referral Process

Many of our new clients are referred to us by our existing clients. We thank everyone who has referred us to their friends, family and work colleagues.

The most appropriate definition for the word referral is a "transfer of trust". We wholeheartedly embrace this definition and recognize the responsibility that comes with it. We make sure every referral sent to us is dealt with in the same professional manner that we deal with our existing clients. They will receive honest and independent advice we pride ourselves in providing.

How to make an introduction:

  1. Information: Forward your friend, family member and work colleague to our website or provide them with one of our informative brochures

  2. Seminar: Invite them to one of our monthly Coffee Talk presentations or one of our customary seminars.

  3. Book an Appointment: We will book an appointment over the phone or in person to meet one of our Advisors.


Late Retired 

Our experience working with clients in their late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s demonstrates that they tend to have much different needs than our newly retired clients in their 60’s. Often health issues become more prevalent at this age and can cause minor or significant changes to client’s retirement plans to deal with increased medical care costs and assisted living. One significant change in client’s personal life and financial situation would be the decision to sell the family home and downsize to a smaller home or to assisted or complex care. In this situation clients will generally release a significant lump sum of money from the equity in their home sale that they will need or want to generate additional retirement income. As well the estate issues become more focused at this life stage.


The hard work that accompanies a successful professional career or business venture can often be rewarded with a higher than average income. One of the challenges of a busy career or running a successful business can be the prioritizing of one's own personal retirement plan. We help busy, successful people understand and plan their financial situation so that they can enjoy the time away from their career or business without having to worry about their financial situation. When working with these clients, we help them understand the need to take their current cash flow and channel it into an affective wealth accumulation plan. In addition, because they often pay higher than average tax on their earnings, we work hard to accomplish this in the most tax efficient manner possible. Lastly we confirm that they have all the potential financial risks covered in case of an unexpected illness, disability or even death.

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