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ESG & Responsible Investing

"Make your investments a little bit Greener"

Environmental Risks

Pollution and Environmental risks such as impacts on Air, Land and Water

Social Risks

Addressing matters such as human rights, worker safety and supply chains

Governance Risks

Covering areas such as Corporate board diversity, risk management and executive compensation

"More than ever Clients and Advisors are looking for ways to invest in Environmentally Friendly and Ethical ways." 

ESG and Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing integrates Environmental, Social and Governance criteria into the selection of Investments for a client’s portfolio. Adding an extra filter to the security selection process by considering the potential for negative impact on air, land, water and human health. Continued with addressing social matters of human rights, worker safety and indigenous rights while also assessing companies at a corporate level in areas such as corporate board diversity, risk management and executive compensation. 


It is possible to invest in companies that run ethical practices without having to risk the opportunity of positive returns in your portfolio. Responsible investing allows you to invest in ways that provide the same potential for growth with the added value of being able to sleep at night knowing you have put your money to work in a way that doesn't contradict your environmental and social ethics. 


Talk to a Bastion Wealth Advisor about how you can incorporate ESG and Responsible investing into your portfolio 

Image by Andrew Coelho
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